• Dustin Hamlin


Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Bringing discussion with substance and the most amazing visitors from Boise and beyond.

The SIDE YARD SIDE BAR is the only podcast you need in your line up! Well, probably not the only one, but it should be a staple for sure.

The story goes...

Dusty and Zach love watching high school basketball and wanted to get a media pass for the Idaho state basketball tournament. A podcast seemed like a good place to start. After recording a sample podcast on a return trip from Portland, OR it became clear that the podcast had to happen.

As of November of 2020, we have published 67 episodes that have thousands of plays! Our episodes have been streamed in 20 countries! I think that makes us a border-busting, world-wide podcast.

It's the best podcast ever! -Anonymous listener

If you haven't subscribed, please do so. We are on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and just about every other podcast platform out there.

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