Producer/Co-Host - Dusty Hamlin

Dusty is a 1st grade teacher in Boise, ID. Most of his free time is spent hanging out with his family or working outside. The rest of his free time is spent recording/producing/editing the SIDE YARD SIDE BAR podcast.

As a lover of music, he finds peace and relaxation mixing and producing the podcast. He also plays guitar and is an avid vinyl record collector.

Co-Hosts/Creative Directors

Loren Bailly & Trevor Lubiens

Loren is 3rd grade teacher in Boise, ID. She is an incredible "boy mom" and loves all outdoor activities. She brings the energy and laughter to the podcast when she co-hosts.

She is always prepared...for anything! Literally, she is ready for whatever is happening around her.

Trevor is a pastor of a local church in Boise, ID and one of the best storytellers EVER! When he co-hosts, be ready to laugh and be engaged the WHOLE time!

He is an incredible father and friend. He is nothing less than amazing!